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3 thoughts on “Contact Anne

  1. Dear Anne (if I may):
    Thanks for the compliment on my Tuesday morning talk. A little later I spoke with a woman there who told me that you had felt slighted by me a while back because of something I said or wrote but, honestly, I cannot fathom what that would have been. The only comment I recall making about your book was in a very brief letter to Reason magazine in response to Nick Gillespie’s review of your and Jennifer’s books. I corrected him about Rand having benn a materialist, complimented both of you for writing a good biolgraphy but noted that there is too much of the genetic fallacy in both books, meaning, you both tend to derive Rand’s ideas from her personal history. This was not intended to undermine the books’ biographical merit but merely to guard against the genetic fallacy which all too many people commit when it comes to the likes of Ayn Rand–and me, incidentally. (It tends to distract from the arguments and ideas of the person vis-a-vis whom the fallacy is committed, which I lament, whether it is Rand, me, or Karl Marx who is the subject).
    Maybe you had something else in mind when you spoke to this woman who was at the Free Minds conference but, in any case, I do not recall anything more and certainly found your work on Rand very competent and valuable (and a break through).



  2. Anne,

    I was curious about the influence of Rand on Chess Masters in particular, entrepeneurs, and game theorist as mentioned in the preface. Who are some examples or are there available references. I enjoyed the book tremendously!


  3. Hi Anne:
    I very much appreciate your perspective on Ayn Rand. I myself was raised by a devotee of Ayn Rand and her philosophy. I NEVER hear the children of Objectivists discuss their experience and I LONG to read about others. I wonder if you would ever consider writing an article/interview about this topic. It seems multiple experiences of such would work best as an article/interview, but who knows. If you’d ever like to contact me, please feel free to do so by resounding to this post, and I will send you my email address.

    Just as a thumbnail of my experience, it was not good, but not exclusively bad. I appreciate some of the things Rand’s perspective teaches. The overall effect, however, is very damaging. But I’m old enough now that I have a more relaxed attitude about it.
    Many Thanks,

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