About Anne & Ayn

Ayn Rand and the World She Made
by Anne C. Heller

She was one of the most controversial and influential figures of the 20th century, but her life has never been chronicled by an impartial biographer—until now.

More than fifty years after The Fountainead and Atlas Shrugged were written by Ayn Rand, she remains a revered, reviled, and extremely vital force in American intellectual life. Now journalist Anne C. Heller makes an important contribution to the ongoing debate about Rand with this masterful biography.

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Praise for Ayn Rand and the World She Made:

“Riveting, massively researched…This is a fascinating study of a fascinating and implacable woman; it’s a major work. Heller has done an extraordinary job.”—Patricia Bosworth, author ofDiane Arbus: A Biography

“Brilliant…Reading this book will be the only way to comprehend the totality of the woman whose swashbuckling life was an epic that could rival any screen play or novel she ever wrote, any political theory or philosophy she ever espoused or created.”—Deirdre Bair, author ofSamuel Beckett: A Biography, winner of the National Book Award

“An intriguing look at an important woman…reveals Rand’s fierce intelligence and forceful will to seduce and influence some of the 20th century’s leading decision makers.”—Janet Wallach, author of Desert Queen: The Extraordinary Life of Gertrude Bell

“Anne C. Heller is as honest and as objective and as forthright as Rand’s own principles would demand….there are many interesting new details.”—Timothy Sandefur,www.theatlasphere.com

“Anne C. Heller, in her skillful life of Rand . . .paints a detailed and engaging portrait of Rand’s interior life.” —Jonathan Chait, The New Republic

“The champion of individuality who insisted on obedience and conformity from her followers (including Alan Greenspan), Rand emerges from Heller’s superbly vivid, enlightening, and affecting biography in all her paradoxical power.” —Booklist, starred review

Ask Anne C. Heller a Question

In celebration of the publication of her biography, Anne C. Heller would like to answer your questions about Ayn Rand’s life, beliefs, relationships, and more. Click here to pose your question.

About Anne C. Heller

ANNE C. HELLER has written for such publications as Lear’sMademoiselleTriQuarterly, and Esquire. She is the former fiction editor of Esquireand Redbook, and a former executive editor at Condé Nast Publications. She lives in Manhattan.


2 thoughts on “About Anne & Ayn

  1. I enjoyed my brief scan of “Why I am not an Objectivist”, and I love your perspective on Ayn Rand. I somewhat facetiously call myself a “Rand-ite” the same way I call myself a “Crowley-ite”, “Malthusian”, or “Machiavellian” to justify some of my misanthropic opinions. Of which I have many!

  2. Crowley-ite is a good analogue, since the sociopathic philosophy of Objectivism is startlingly similar to Crowely’s “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.”

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