New York Times Profiles Pamela Geller, 10/10/2010

“The outrageous and the solemn are deeply intertwined in [Pamela Geller’s] character,” writes the Times. “Ms. Geller admits to using Atlas Shrugs ( to test topics significant (the conflict in Sudan) and outlandish (that a young Barack Obama slept with ‘a crack whore’). She has taken up arms against ‘honor killings’ as well as against a Disneyland employee who fought to wear a head scarf. She inspires laughs at sites like Loonwatch, but critics say her influence is serious: a spreading fear of Islam and a dehumanization of Muslims comparable to the sometimes-violent anti-Semitism and anti-Catholicism of earlier eras. Even some of her former right-wing allies say she has gone too far.”

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