Rand’s Talk on “America’s Material Wealth” on WBAI-FM, October 30, 1968

I recently came across an old radio broadcast by Ayn Rand on WBAI-FM. On the broadcast she discusses “America’s Material Wealth.” The interview dates to October 30, 1968.

Download the MP3 >


2 thoughts on “Rand’s Talk on “America’s Material Wealth” on WBAI-FM, October 30, 1968

  1. I admire her desire to search for a practical basis for morality and philosophy in physical, demonstrable reality. I’m no fan of mysticism.

    Who knows whether she would have altered her views by now… but it’s incumbent on her adherents to keep up with objective scientific fact and make such adjustments as may be necessary.

    With that in mind her views on altruism need revision.

    Since altruism’s biological roots are well established as part of the natural world, and its functions in human hunter-gatherer societies served as an evolutionary benefit and drove our social evolution (in addition to individual survival drives)…

    then its continuing presence as a functional drive must be acknowledged and dealt with… not as necessarily bad or good… but as a fact of our existence

    In a scaled social structure it presents problems paradoxically because of its attenuating nature and connection to our small-group roots.

    In that sense she’s correct.

    But pretending it doesn’t exist or is inherently immoral doesn’t work.

    So is the true strength of Objectivism’s foundation to be found in an ability to update as new information dictates or in adherence to a dogma?

    Should the loyalty be to the logic or the logician?

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